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Today’s Lineup: baseball lineup Android app now available

We’re happy to announce that Today’s Lineup, the baseball lineup Android app for youth league coaches and managers is now available for all Android devices. Now anyone with a Samsung S4, Nexus 7 or any other Android phone or tablet device can use the this time saving baseball lineup app to set your batting lineups or position players for youth baseball. The Android version includes the same features as the iOS version.

With Today’s Lineup Baseball app you can:

  • Create your team
  • Set your lineups
  • Add, drop, move your lineup around with ease
  • Set games, locations, dates and times
  • Set your player positions for every inning
  • Export to PDF or compatible Excel file
  • Print the lineup for your dugout and other team
  • Sync data across other Android devices every time you log out

Today’s Lineup will save you time and let you focus on game strategy. The app is available on Google Play. Check it out, while it’s free.