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Baseball Practice Indoors? It’s Spring 2014.

The calendar says March, the clocks have jumped ahead, but for many, it still feels like February outside, and looks like January. My son’s high school summed up my thoughts on indoor baseball practice in a recent e-mail.

“Spring sports are underway and our athletes are supposed to be outside in fierce competition in just a few days, but have you looked outdoors lately? Logic says there will be several postponements…”

Little league teams are being evaluated, drafted and assigned right now – and right now up North, indoor practice is where teams are going to need to start. There’s nothing wrong with indoor baseball practice. In fact, indoor practice is a great place to discuss, demonstrate, clarify and practice the skills of baseball. Learn, practice, refine and repeat over and over again.

So where can you go for indoor practice?

High School Gym / Fieldhouse – Just ask. Yes, schools are busy with their own schedules, but the gym isn’t being used 24/7. A good high school is immersed in helping the community at large, and should be there when you need it.

Middle School or Elementary Gym – These schools may be more accessible, the only issue is room size. The gyms are built for younger smaller kids, so plan accordingly. I’ve seen throwing drills work ok in small “multi-purpose rooms.”

Indoor Soccer or Lacrosse Practice Facilities. These facilities are used to juggling schedules. They get teams on and off in a timely manner, and are generally big enough to handle multiple activities at once. I’m sure they have a rate to get a team in for a short period of time. Indoor turf helps with the grounders.

Youth Baseball Training Facilities – Ok this is obvious, places like these have batting cages, instructors and the facilities needed for training. They usually have packaged rates or hourly rates and will work with teams. It’s a numbers game to get in, but worth it for your team.

That’s just the start of a quick list. If you have other places you’ve practiced in, please let me know and we can keep the list growing.


The hidden baseball trick…

The hidden baseball trick got Juan Uribe, of the Dodgers, out recently. Usually this is successful when one player is simply looking away and not following the ball. In this case, the ball was thrown behind Uribe standing on third base. At that point, the third base coach should have given him a heads up– “watch out, the ball is behind you OR hey third baseman has the ball.” That’s what coaches are on the field for — to be an extra set of eyes on the field.

In little league, this trick tends to happen more often at first or second base. Usually initiated by the position player keeping the ball and faking a throw to the pitcher, while the baserunner is casually looking away. Again, a good base coach will point out what’s going on and let the player know who has the ball.

I’ve always told players to follow the ball everywhere, it’s always live, unless the umpire awards or calls timeout. You can’t teach this to the younger kids enough. It’s embarrassing for this to happen to a major leaguer — but not unexpected. Players are constantly adjusting their uniform, and can look away for a second. That’s all it takes to lose the little white ball.

Personally, I never liked resorting to tricks for outs, because you put everyone on heightened notice for the rest of the game – including your OWN team. In my book, if you have to resort to tricks for outs… you’ve got bigger problems.


Copy Previous Inning with Today’s Lineup App

One tip that makes setting the positions easier is the ability to “copy previous innings” from inning to inning. This is a big time saver and gets you thinking about how many positions a player really plays.

Just touch the top of the inning number, and the indicator will come up. Touch “copy previous inning” and the entire column will fill with the same positions. If you have players sitting out, it’s real easy to identify the x marks and make substituions quickly.

Once your decisions are complete, touch the share button to save out as a PDf or a CSV file.

Today’s Lineup. A baseball lineup app iOS

No matter how much time I set aside to plan, there’s always a scramble to set the lineup and position players before a game. The lineup comes easier throughout the season, because you know where your run production is going to come from. However, setting positions in youth leagues, making sure everyone plays a fair amount, and keeping up with local rules of infield and out field play becomes “baseball suduko” by default.

Do the math; if your youth league plays 7 inning games and there’s 11 players on the team… that’s 77 decisions that have to be made, and made with a fair assessment of talent, and team strength. You can either come to the game prepared or you can wing it inning by inning. I’ve done both, and don’t recommend winging it. Ever.

With Today’s Lineup Baseball Lineup app iOS you can:

  • Create your team
  • Set your lineups
  • Add, drop, move your lineup around with ease
  • Set games, locations, dates and times
  • Set your player positions for every inning
  • Export to PDF or compatible Excel file
  • Print the lineup for your dugout and other team

We created this app to make the process easier for youth league coaches. It’s all about pre-game preparation, the prep time no one sees. It’s been a long time in development, and a long time coming. Believe me, just two years ago there were really no apps around to solve this problem, and now there’s more to choose from. It’s good to know I wasn’t the only coach thinking there had to be a better way.

Joe Bond
Creator Today’s Lineup