How It Worksipad_PlayersScreen

Get Started—this is your one time start up task

  1. Download the app on either iPhone, iPad or both
  2. Create and verify your account
  3. Create your team(s) and add your players
    Note: Managing multiple teams? No problem. You can create as many different teams as you need.

Planning your Game 

iphone4_lineup2Once you’ve set up your team, plan your strategy for today’s game:

  • SET your lineup
  • TAP and DRAG players to easily reposition the lineup
  • SET your position players for all innings with finger touch ease
  • EMAIL a PDF or CSV with assistant coaches and managers
  • PRINT a lineup for the opposing team and keep lineup / positions for your dugout on one sheet
  • SYNC & ACCESS line-ups from your other iOS devices
  • SAVE your lineups and strategy from game-to-gameiphone4_Positions2

Designed with coaches in mind, Today’s Lineup is built for better pre-game management.