Managing your baseball lineup and position player strategy is a lot easier with Today’s Lineup mobile app.

Today’s Lineup; a simple and effective baseball lineup card generating mobile app for that also lets you set position players inning by inning. iphone4_lineup2

It’s the ideal to plan your game on a smartphone or tablet. Touch screens let you make quick changes in your lineup simply by dragging your order around. It’s a great alternative to cutting and pasting an Excel document. To set your position players, you get position prompts. You can see the possibilities and focus on game strategy rather than the mechanics of cutting and pasting names in a spreadsheet.

Then you can save and share your lineups as a PDF or compatible excel file for your league, your fellow coaches or your opposing team. Plus, you can sync between your phone and your tablet and access your game plan from wherever you are. Copy_Inning

It saves coaches and managers a lot of time, you can even do it in your car or in the dugout before the game. It’s the ideal game management app for little league and youth league managers and coaches.

  • Set your lineup
  • Set your position players quickly
  • Save lineup and positions from game to game
  • Share lineup and position players as PDF or CSV file
  • Print your lineup and position players
  • Have your lineup card ready for the opposing team

Designed by coaches for coaches. Cut the spreadsheet work and get to the game.

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